what makes someone a legend in the music industry


Despite this sterling commercial performance, there is one individual at Vivendi of whom Grainge has always known to stay on the right side. Biko, park one side. Warner’s recorded-music boss, Max Lousada, and its recently appointed new leadership team at Warner/Chappell, Guy Moot and Carianne Marshall, all report to the CEO of the wider Warner Music Group, Steve Cooper. The fallout from the Power 100 won’t end there, either: Status-hungry execs will be left gnashing their teeth at being placed at No. Yoshida was initially tasked with making Sony operationally leaner — selling off its Vaio laptop business, as well as cutting jobs and spinning out the firm’s television unit. These are the bosses of music’s bosses, the people whose right it is to categorize titans of today’s entertainment industry as mere “employees” — and who, arguably, hold the power behind the throne(s).
Maffei, who has in the past questioned the long-term business model of stand-alone streaming-music companies like Spotify, is also the chairman of SiriusXM and Live Nation, and showed himself to be a ruthless public negotiator in, Malone, meanwhile, a veteran cable/telco exec with a penchant for headline-grabbing media acquisitions, is the, USA’s 67th-richest individual, with a net worth of more than $7, Many of the biggest music-industry headlines last year belonged to Sony. It´s 90% impact. Tell me which hit songs 2face release for the past 2 years. Pusha T, Actually I think it was yesterday or something but idgf. Okay, we are watching. Yoshida was drafted in to Sony Corp by ex-CEO Kaz Hirai, who appointed him CFO in 2014. He is right though, Tuface is the only one that comes to mind as a legend out of all the active artistes now. A man that churned out over 500 hit songs, to me, is legendary musician. In just under two weeks, the people making the biggest decisions in the modern music business will, inevitably, feel their blood pressure rise.

The same applies for D Banj if he had stayed with Don Jazzy and kept releasing club bangers. , which contributed $292.3 million to the record industry in 2017. Both of these buys happened amid a distressed post-Napster music business, and raised eyebrows. Nigerian musician, Timaya has said only Innocent ‘2baba’ Idibia qualifies to call himself a legend among the active artistes in the music industry. . Do you know what it means for two people with different upbringings to come and start staying together? But fact is, most rappers aren´t like Eazy but instead create a lasting impact on the game by just being dope or selling records. Access started out focused on Russian investments, amassing a fortune through betting on real estate, natural resources and media/telco companies.

call yourself what you want sir and let others be Stars always shine, some people can make a hit song and you will never hear of them again. Want more Rolling Stone?

Don't worry Timaya, no one considers you a legend. Analysts suggest that Liberty may also eventually increase its interest in Live Nation, more meaningfully connecting the world’s biggest concerts company with that Sirius/Pandora tie-up — which Liberty already describes as “the world’s largest audio entertainment company.”. First, in May, came the news that the Japanese giant had spent $2.3 billion in order to acquire a 60 percent stake in EMI Music Publishing, home to more than 2 million songs by writers including Kanye West, Queen, Carole King and Calvin Harris. I like what he said about marriage. The guy, Timaya is nothing but weed head. These power moves came just two years after, With this massive combined asset (Sony/ATV plus EMI Music Publishing) in the bag, Sony decided to headhunt the perfect executive to run it, and found him: In September last year, it was announced that Jon Platt, one of the, Sony’s U.S.-based music team is now made up of Platt on the publishing side and Rob Stringer, CEO of Sony Music, on the recorded-music side. The talent comes after, just ask Drake. . Banky W said more than that. Liberty is now expected to make a play for iHeartMedia, which reaches 250 million Americans every month, when the broadcast giant emerges from bankruptcy in the first half of this year. STILL FAR FROM LEGEND STATUS: 2 Face and everyone else-that includes you. I am Timaya anytime any day, 13 years is not three years. .

Also, who do you think might be granted with that “legend” status in the future?

If I want to get married, I will not do a big gathering. It was so hard to make it to the end fr. Access is also a controlling shareholder in streaming service Deezer, while its venture arm, ATV, has acquired interests in the likes of Alibaba, Facebook, Spotify, Amazon, Snap, Tencent Music Entertainment and Beats By Dre. But they can change the course of the global music industry just by hitting “send” on an email.
Timaya obvioulsly doesn't know the difference between being a Legend and being relevant.. No legend like Osita Osadebe in Nigeria. Regardless of recent skill, he’s left a big impact on the game.

Liberty is also rumored to be making a play for talent super-agency CAA, while it has told investors that it will “absolutely” look into Universal Music Group’s 50 percent sell-off when the time is right. Egberii papa one of bayelsa, baba u get mouth. We have Dbanj, Banky, MI ect. this might be the last 1 so treat it nice Blavatnik, though, has triumphed: Warner Music Group just enjoyed yet another record financial year, turning over more than $4 billion for the first time. A lot of people have come and gone but I’m still here.”, Timaya also gave his take on the issue of marriage, saying he is not predisposed to an elaborate ceremony. These are legends. Or, at least, he recommended to Vivendi’s super-advisory board that they appoint Yannick in the role. . I like the private marriage. Tim Ingham is the founder and publisher of Music Business Worldwide, which has serviced the global industry with news, analysis and jobs since 2015. Sadly it’s very true, Being very influential stylisticly (e.g Kool G Raps), Massive sales + mainstream dominance for an extended period of time (Jay-z, Eminem), Cult following (There’s prolly stans that consider Tech N9ne a legend). With a personal net worth in excess of $40 billion, Huateng has previously been labeled the richest person in China. Psquare was a very great brand.

None of these individuals, however, are in a better position to control the global music-streaming landscape over the next decade than Tencent. Nigerian musician, Timaya has said only Innocent ‘2baba’ Idibia qualifies to call himself a legend among the active artistes in the music industry. Music’s strongest captains of industry will undoubtedly land in the upper echelons of the new Power 100; the heads of companies like Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, Warner Music Group, Sony/ATV, Spotify, Pandora and Live Nation will all be prominently represented. Contact us via email: [email protected],

U NO WELL O BROS,HOW MANY OF YOU HAS PERFORMED SUCCESSFULLY WITH LIFE BAND?ONLY LIP SYNC. With this massive combined asset (Sony/ATV plus EMI Music Publishing) in the bag, Sony decided to headhunt the perfect executive to run it, and found him: In September last year, it was announced that Jon Platt, one of the most respected figures working in publishing today, was to become CEO and chairman of Sony/ATV at the end of Q1 2019. Warner Music Group owns the world’s third-biggest recorded-music company, Warner Music, and its third-biggest publisher, Warner/Chappell. Na small e remain, make he do the one part of the 1 month wedding inside moon. But they’ll have to get past our next two entrants first. recently upgraded their expectations for the company.

Yoshida must be a big believer in the value of music because, before taking the CEO role at Sony in February last year, he was best known for saving, rather than spending, money. Is Jay-Z a legend? Timaya should enlighten himself on Nigerian Music. Tuface is a music legend but with the heart of a chicken. You w not do a big wedding? They might not work directly with artists, songwriters, charts or hit records. He writes a weekly column for “Rolling Stone.”, In This Article: Comments expressed here do not reflect the opinions of lindaikejisblog.com or any employee thereof.

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