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The couple had three children but Kyolaba left Amin after he went into exile in 1979. Directed by Michiel van Oosterhout, the documentary focuses on the “love triangle” involving Amin, former Cranes band bass player Jessy Gitta Kasirivu and 17-year-old Sarah, who was a go-go dancer for the band. Besides being known to be a ruthless dictator, former president of Uganda, Idi Amin, who reportedly fathered 43 children and had 5 wives, was also known for his promiscuous lifestyle. This story is certainly an odd one: buckle up! When Sarah learned of Idi’s death in 2003, disagreeing with the majority of the world, she hailed him a “true African hero” and  “not a monster” but a “jolly person, very entertaining and kind”. [24] Soon afterwards, Sarah's boyfriend vanished without a trace and Amin and Sarah … When they met, however, Sarah had been in a relationship with a different man and became pregnant with his child. He later quit The Cranes because of the pressure from us to leave Sarah. Sarah Kyolaba This story is certainly an odd one: buckle up! As a result of this affiliation, she earned the nickname “Suicide Sarah”. I hope you’re reading this LA Lakers! However, the circumstances surrounding the disappearance and death of Sarah’s ex-lover, Jessy Gitta Kasirivu, who openly registered his displeasure with Amin’s advances on his then girlfriend exhibited how far the dictator could go to get what he wanted. Sarah married Idi in 1975 in the Ugandan city of Kampala, and he claimed the child as his own. Moses Ali. She ended up meeting Idi at nineteen-years-old when she worked as a go-go dancer in the Revolutionary Suicide Mechanised Regiment Band of the Ugandan Army. With the power he once yielded, it was without a doubt he could get any woman he desired whether she was interested or not and also silence whoever was against it. “Just imagine, a teenager forced to abandon the love of your life and get married to someone as old as your father. Sarah Kyolaba Namutebi succumbed to cancer related complications at the Royal Free Hospital in the United Kingdom on 11th June 2015.

Sarah had a boyfriend that she was in love with and in 1974 on Christmas day, she gave birth to a baby that was not Amin's. Sarah Kyolaba Namutebi succumbed to cancer related complications at the Royal Free Hospital in the United Kingdom on 11th June 2015. Though he was old enough to be her father, they went on to have three of their own children together. 18 of 46. Speaking at the burial, Ms. Namala, from the Uganda High commission in London, called on all mourners to join her in thanking President Yoweri Museveni for fully meeting the costs of repatriating Sarah’s body back home and also for facilitating the members of her family to accompany it home. After Jessy’s disappearance, The East African reports that his relatives were warned to be quiet about it. The late Sarah Kyolaba Namutebi was known as Amin’s ‘favourite’ widow who lived life of obscurity by running North London hair salon for 30 years after dictator’s exile dies following cancer battle, ChimpReports is a Registered TradeMark of Chimp Media Ltd, Please consider supporting us by disabling your ad blocker, Police Human Rights Boss Preaches Against Excessive Force in Enforcing Law, COVID-19 Effect: Number of Abandoned Babies Expected to Double by December – Experts, REPORT: Slum Dwellers Experienced More Violence, Conflict during Covid-19 Lockdown, Using Long Lasting Insecticidal Nets in Fighting Malaria; Why They are Effective, Police Receives Assortment of Equipment to Boost Criminal Investigations, Museveni Cleared for Nomination as EC Declares Campaign Dates for MP Aspirants, 27 Years Later: Burundi Remembers Tragic Assassination of President Ndadaye, I have Failed to Find My Perfect Match – ‘Lonely’ Kenzo Cries Out, Museveni Commissions Ambitious Roads Projects in Northern Uganda to Spur Trade, Kampala Flyover: KCCA, Sarah Kizito Hand Over Two Acres of Centenary Park Land to UNRA, Kampala Police Shoots Rape Suspect Dead for Attempting to Disarm Officers, UNEB Warns Government Schools Against Registering Students from Private Schools, SOMALIA: Gen. Otto Visits UPDF Frontline Battle Groups, A Secret Wedding?

“Jessy was stubborn and we all saw where the relationship was going. She was still coming to Jessy…,” another band member said. Sarah moved to Germany and began work as a lingerie model. We told Jesse, ‘man you have to be careful. That was the last time he was seen. Jessy’s relationship with Sarah, and Amin eventually coming into the picture and its aftermath has been featured in a recently released documentary titled Bwana Jogoo: The Ballad of Jessy Gitta. He was a jolly person, very entertaining and kind,” she said. RiP Kobe and Gigi!! He loves basketball and dreams to make it in the NBA in his next life. Kampala, Uganda.

Amin had six wives, spanning from 1966 to 2003. And yes, we have Anthony Davis. Previously a dancer for the Suicide Mechanised Regiment army band, Sarah later joined The Cranes after she was hired by Clyde Mayanja, one of the founders of the band, The East African writes about the documentary. “He was just a normal person, not a monster.

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