safety management system example


Safety Management System (also known as HSMS). The systems by which records are kept, including the allocation of responsibility to specific staff members. When severe, dehydration is a life-threatening emergency. There are a number of subcategories within each of these categories, but they will largely fall within these 'buckets'. This includes every employee who: Every employee must be adequately trained in the safe use of all plant, objects, substances, protective clothing and equipment that they are, or may be, required to use or handle. Apart from the need to administer aid to those hurt in the incident, and stabilising anything that could cause further harm, the scene should be cordoned off until initial investigations are completed and, where applicable, clearance to release the scene has been given by a health and safety inspector. In order of preference, the methods of control are: To take all practicable steps to control a hazard, you should plan the work to identify how to control it. petrol, diesel and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). 0000119981 00000 n Fatigue can arise from work demands (e.g. For more information refer to Rural fires in the Managing health and safety: A guide for farmers - Good practice guide. Many chemicals and fuels found on farms are capable of causing harm to people and animals. This Guide has been developed to assist in developing a safety management system. A person who has acquired, through a combination of qualifications, training or experience, the knowledge and skill to perform the task required. Loss of consciousness from lack of oxygen. This phase is all about: Your safety management system (along with the people conducting these activities) should take care of this entire portion of your safety process. How to I manage supply issues for personal protective equipment (PPE)? The Act places duties on persons who control a place of work in relation to people in the vicinity, and to visitors. Loss of consciousness, or acute illness requiring treatment by a registered medical practitioner, from absorption, inhalation or ingestion of any substance. It is important to note that contractors and sub-contractors have the same level of care requirements to their employees as the principal does. Safety assurance is the process by which you can continuously improve your safety management system and make concrete claims and assurances to other parties and employees about how safety is managed and what outcomes should look like. Most safety management systems fall short here, giving you high level data and 'count' analytics which don't really tell you anything. require that records of the training of each person be kept. To check, supervise, observe or record the progress of an activity or procedure on a regular basis in order to ensure it is being carried out. This piece of your safety management system is also made simple once you get the other pieces right. • Elected or appointed definitions as per act. Questions to be asked include the following: One of the most practical parts of any safety management plan is scheduling and recording maintenance activities. This guidance will be progressively reviewed and either updated, replaced with other guidance, or revoked. Getting these hazards identified and prioritised is the job of your people and your safety management system. To develop your safety management system, you do not need to be an occupational health and safety expert or specialist. Identifying potential emergency situations is the key to having effective emergency response plans. Being clear about health and safety responsibilities and accountabilities will ensure all tasks to manage health and safety have been allocated; and that the allocated tasks fit within the level of authority, skills and knowledge of the individual. Employees should be aware of this possibility that inspections could be conducted unexpectedly. if there has been an accident, injury or health and safety incident at work. Burns requiring referral to a specialist registered medical practitioner or specialist outpatient clinic. Incidents that are reported to WorkSafe may require the involvement of the manager and experts from outside the workplace. 0000053364 00000 n lockout, hot work, confined spaces? What that looks like in practice is when a person on site identifies a hazard, they pull out their mobile or tablet and open up a hazard identification form. For information on noise levels associated with agricultural equipment, refer to the table on typical noise levels of farm equipment / processes. A noise survey involves measuring noise levels at selected locations throughout an entire plant or in workplaces underground to identify noisy areas, and is usually done with a sound level meter. The templates can be used to help you in developing or reviewing your SMS. At all stages it has the potential to impact on safety at work. The purpose of an emergency response plan is to: Each workplace needs to plan for these events. An inspection process has been agreed upon and mapped, Staff are encouraged to conduct informal checks before and during their working day, Inspection documentation is kept up to date, Work environment hazards have been identified and documented, Environmental elements have been included into the inspection schedule and hazard register, A policy of health surveillance has been agreed on and incorporated into contracts and induction where appropriate.

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