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Michon Scott (National Snow and Ice Data Center), staff writer, News & Features contributors (past and present): LuAnn Dahlman, Edward Gardiner, Brady Phillips, Katy Matthews, Susan Osborne, Alicia Albee, Ali Stevens, Emily Greenhalgh, Caitlyn Kennedy Esposito, Rick Thoman, Bloggers (past and present) If necessary, contributors may be asked to revise their articles, have them re-reviewed by their sources, and to resubmit them.
The Science Panel provides a good representation of a wide range of relevant climate science disciplines. and other climate literacy practitioners. Things that we depend upon and value — water, energy, transportation, wildlife, agriculture, ecosystems, and human health — are experiencing the effects of a changing climate. Marian Grogan (TERC) What was the temperature over the last few weeks? We have built upon this standard to ensure that key fields in the metadata record for each available dataset is populated with required information. Each of the tabs in NOAA has a different primary audience: Our sister site, the U.S. Mauri Pelto (Nichols College) Anne Gold (CIRES, University of Colorado, Boulder) The CLEAN review process was informed by review guidelines and criteria from other collections, such as the National Science Digital Library (NSDL), the Science Education Research Center (SERC) Guidelines, the Merlot criteria, and the Climate Change Collection. Although climate describes conditions in the atmosphere (hot/cold, wet/dry), these conditions are influenced by the ocean, land, sun, and atmospheric chemistry. Sean Fox (SERC, Carleton College). Michael Myers (NESDIS/NCEI), design and development lead Emily Fort (USGS), Gustavo Goni (NOAA AOML), Ann Keane (NOAA ESRL), Ed Kearns (NOAA NCEI), James Partain (Alaska Regional Climate Services), Mark Parsons (NSIDC), and Wei Shi (NOAA NCEP). • NOAA National Coastal Data Development Center - A summary of the review process is given below; a detailed description of the CLEAN Review Process is available here. Each section continues to refine its design, enhance its functionality, and expand its scope of contents in response to user feedback. Climate is determined by the long-term pattern of oceanic and atmospheric conditions at a location. The Data Panel provides guidance, recommendations and feedback in the following ways: Data Panel Members:

The Teaching Climate section is dovetailing its content review process and procedures with those of Climate Literacy and Energy Awareness Network (or CLEAN, at project. Peg Steffen (NOS/CED), professional development & product development NOAA monitors these factors to understand and predict changes to local or global climate. John Dos Passos Coggin (Collabralink/MAXIMUS Federal, contractor to OAR/CPO), staff writer The normal high and low temperatures reported on your local weather forecast come from these 30-year averages. Jessica Blunden (NCEI) The Primer includes information on instruments used to measure weather and climate; how weather observations relate to climate products; how climate scientists check the quality of observations, and tools you can use for exploring climate data, Worldwide Wind Roses - Graphics and Tabular Data. This Board ensures is appropriately balanced in its overall presentation of NOAA’s and its partners’ climate science information and data products. Recommends additions and adjustments for improving data discoverability, accessibility, interoperability, interpretation, and application.

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