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Even U.S. citizens cannot stay any longer than this period unless they have a non-immigrant visa (see Resource 2). Alava Trail is more challenging and offers panoramic views of the island (or so we hear! (We contacted several homestay families before we decided to cut our time on Tutuila so we could visit Ofu. Thank you again! And if you’ve got any extra time, we highly recommend adding a side trip to Western Samoa as well. There are also several AirBnB options. Book a round-trip plane ticket to American Samoa. If you arrive at the counter 2 hours before the flight, you should not experience being debooked. Thanks a lot for your advices and best regards from Switzerland! Make sure you have a backup option in case your camping plans fall through, and put all your Leave No Trace skills to the test. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. It’s an expensive flight that’ll make your carbon footprint awfully big, and there’s a good chance you’ll only make it there once in your life. United States citizens applying for visas to American Samoa are subject to the same rules as non-U.S. citizens applying for visas to the U.S. Book accommodations. To swim at other spots around the island, get permission from the village chief first. American Samoa is definitely not a top tourist destination, but that’s what makes it all that more interesting. In 2009, an 8.1 earthquake caused a massive. These estimates are based on only a … It’s powerful, beautifully designed and comes with everything you need to engage your visitors and increase conversions. But this little U.S. territory is eminently worth a visit for its traditional culture, natural beauty and incredible hiking. Fortifications were erected, but other than a small incident, nothing serious really happened. Lionel. Since 2005, James Rutter has worked as a freelance journalist for print and Internet publications, including the “News of Delaware County,” “Main Line Times” and Broad Street Review. American Samoa doesn’t see a lot of visitors, and most of those are visiting for the day from cruise ships. This 10 days in American Samoa sample itinerary is based on my experience, sharing with you my little secret of the paradise I found. This post will also be of use – a personal account of my visit to American Samoa and Ofu: Samoa Airways currently runs four flights per week from Pago Pago to Ta’u (at time of writing, they’re on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday), and one flight per week to Ofu (at time of writing, it’s on Thursday.) Despite some of these ‘American influences’, American Samoans value traditional customs of family life and church – much like their brothers and sisters out west. But if you’ve come all the way here, don’t let your visit stop with Tutuila! I’ve looked online and find nothing so far. The waters around the island chain are populated by about 961 species of fish and over 260 species of coral, according to a spokesperson for the National Park of American Samoa. Did you ever encounter any problems with the mosquitoes? On the western end of Tutuila, another trail will lead you to the secluded beach of Cape Taputapu and long views over the ocean. It’s easy to get to Aunu’u as a day trip from Tutuila; getting to Ta’u, Ofu and Olosega (collectively called Manu’a) requires a bit more planning, but is completely doable and incredibly worthwhile. Those football kids seem a bit out of tune here Everything else looks perfect except these guys. Don’t try to stealth camp; Samoans take land rights very seriously and if you’re caught, it could mean trouble. American Samoa is an incredibly special place, rich in culture and natural beauty, with friendly people, few visitors, and some of the best snorkeling in the world. Americans Samoa is the only US territory south of the equator, established in 1900 when Samoan chiefs in the main island of Tutuila ceded their land to be managed by the US with the smaller outer island later joining. Obtain a visa to visit American Samoa. On Ofu, if you stay at Vaoto Lodge, you can borrow one of their bicycles. Copyright © 2020 | X Days In Y | Inspirational Travel Itineraries | All Rights Reserved. You will also need a valid passport if you ever plan on returning to the U.S. offer excellent coverage and value for money. So leave plenty of extra time for getting around, don’t ever get upset (you’re in paradise after all) and don’t bargain as it’s against Samoan culture. By the second half of the 19th century, the world’s superpowers were fighting for influence over the South Pacific Islands. Another good option is the beach in front of Vaoto Lodge, along the airstrip. By the second half of the 19th century, the world’s superpowers were fighting for influence over the South Pacific Islands. Even if you’re not a national park junkie, a visit to the NPS Visitor’s Center in Pago should be your first stop when planning your activities.

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