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Most of them are killed or captured by the

The Duke of Orleans Like the other French lords, he is boastful and contemptuous of the English forces, but he does defend the Dauphin when the Constable suggests that the Dauphin might not be as brave as he would like people to believe. Hostess Quickly A simple, uneducated woman who is married to Pistol but has an unabashed admiration for Sir John Falstaff. to help with the peace negotiations between France and England. Mistress Quickly, as Not only does the character of Henry V represent the historical figure, but he also carries or embodies the central theme of the play, which is the notion of Henry V as the ideal Christian king. Duke of Clarence. Canterbury also promises that the church will give Henry a monetary gift to fund the war effort against France. He despises traitors. When Henry, in disguise, challenges Williams, Williams accepts and they promise to fight each other if they are both alive after the Battle of Agincourt. to King Henry. He still thinks of Henry as a mere wastrel, a young man to whom no attention should be paid. Hostess is the same as Hostess Quickly of Henry IV, Part Two. Afterwards, when it is discovered that he was arguing and challenging the king, Williams defends himself in such an honest and straightforward manner that the king rewards him with a glove filled with money. Chorus. I think this is asking for your opinion rather than mine.

Wealthy and powerful English Like the Dauphin, most of these leaders are more interested in making Chorus in Henry V functions as a narrator offering commentary on

a former companion of Falstaff, he goes to war in France but does very little fighting. He questions the king's rightness to wage this war, but he never questions his own obedience to the crown. an older gentlewoman who serves Catherine, she teaches the princess how to speak English. sent to England by the Dauphin, they present Henry with tennis balls.

a former companion of Falstaff, he is killed while in France.

Henry delegates…, The Chorus reminds the audience that Henry died very young, leaving the kingdom to his infant son, during whose reign…. A capable leader, Charles does not underestimate the French Herald who serves as King Charles' messenger to Henry. Get in touch here. Henry is a brilliant orator who uses The Earl of Salisbury His only function in the drama is to give a patriotic speech in Act IV, when it is discovered that the French armies far outnumber the English forces. Williams and Henry (disguised) get into an argument and agree to settle their differences in a fight the next day after the battle. resource to ask questions, find answers, and discuss the novel. He is one of the first persons who brings forth Henry's claim to the French lands, and by so doing, he protects the church's own property from being taken for royal expenditures. Company Credits Captain Macmorris He appears only in Act III, Scene 2, when he gets into an argument with Fluellen concerning the Irish. Act 1, Scene 1. The Dauphin is the son of King Charles of France, and heir to the throne (Dauphin). and teaches Catherine some English, though not very well. Katherine is the daughter of Charles VI of France. He gives a six-line speech and is heard of no more. a brother of King Henry V, he is one of the lords who fights with Henry in France. Pistol is the same character as the Pistol of Henry IV, Part Two, formerly one of Falstaff’s companions and now a soldier in Henry’s army, with the rank of Ancient (Ensign). order. Humphrey, Duke of Gloucester. Boy is in the service of Pistol, Nim, and Bardolph, and was once Falstaff’s page, in Henry IV, Part Two.

formerly Falstaff's page, he ends up serving Pistol, Nim and Bardolph after Falstaff dies. the uncle of King Henry V, he plays a significant role in the war effort against France. Court has only one line, but Bates has a slightly larger role; for example, he does not share Williams' concern as to whether or not the king's cause is a just one; it is sufficient enough for him to know his duty, and his duty is to fight for the king. At the end of Act V, Scene 1, Pistol is finally dispensed with, thus bringing to a close a series of characters that began three plays earlier in Henry IV, Part I. Nym A corporal who is as much of a coward as Bardolph and Pistol are, and he is also an accomplice in their thefts. Richard, Earl of Cambridge is a traitor against King Henry, hired by the French to murder the King with the help of Grey and Scroop. He orders his son, the Dauphin, not to go to battle, but apparently this order is ignored since the Dauphin is at the Battle of Agincourt. He has sense enough to be slightly scared of delivering it, and makes it very clear that he is only the messenger. important factors in Henry’s initial decision to invade France. Michael Williams One of the three soldiers whom King Henry, in disguise, meets the night before the Battle of Agincourt. The boy is somewhat touchy and embarrassed that his companions to the end. the son and heir of King Charles VI of France, he is a vain prince who sends Henry tennis balls at the beginning in an effort to mock him. sail for France. Sir Thomas Erpingham is an old, white-haired soldier in the English army, well-respected by the men. Alice has spent time in England Alice Katharine's lady-in-waiting; she is the well-mannered companion of the young princess. Though Henry V lived a wild, reckless youth (portrayed in Shakespeare’s Henry V “prequels” of 1 Henry IV and 2 Henry IV, … He insists that he is glad to have been found out. Queen Isabel is Charles of France’s wife. Read an also known as Richard, a traitor against Henry V who is put to death by the king when his plot is discovered. The French nobles speak of their shame at the success of Henry’s invasion. Though Henry V lived a wild, reckless youth (portrayed in Shakespeare’s Henry V “prequels” of 1 Henry IV and 2 Henry IV, he enters the play a … for looting from the conquered towns in violation of the king’s English at the Battle of Agincourt, though the Duke of Burgundy survives I was quite taken with Henry V when I first read the play. Henry, in doubt about the outcome of the battle, hears of York’s and Suffolk’s deaths, and then, when a French…, Fluellen, in conversation with Gower, compares Henry to the classical world-conqueror Alexander the Great. At the King’s request, Canterbury provides an extensive interpretation of French law to support Henry’s claim to the French throne…. war in France. Why does Henry make the offer to let his men go home even though they are badly outnumbered against their enemy? A thief and a coward, Bardolph is hanged in France in-depth analysis of King Henry V. A J. N. Smith. Duke of Orleance (Orléans) is a French nobleman and war leader who thinks better of the Dauphin than most. He appears in several scenes but speaks only one line in the entire play. John Bates and Alexander Court Along with Williams, these two men represent the average or common English soldier. When they try to teach him how to pick pockets, he is outraged and threatens to leave their service. King Henry the Fifth.

Thomas, Duke of Clarence. formerly known as Mistress Quickly, now Pistol's wife, she dies of venereal disease while Pistol fights in France. Like Bardolph, Nim is hanged in France for looting and is an intelligent leader and strategist. About Henry V. Removing #book# The Duke of Exeter is King Henry’s uncle and one of his chief supporters and closest advisors. jokes about the English than in taking them seriously as a fighting force, Next. Visit BN.com to buy new and used textbooks, and check out our award-winning NOOK tablets and eReaders. Despite having become engaged to Nim, she has recently married Pistol. Henry has resolved to conquer France, he pursues his goal relentlessly The Duke of Berri [mute role] is a French nobleman sent by King Charles to raise an army and prepare France for defense against King Henry. You can get your own copy of this text to keep.

Please consider making a small donation to help keep this site free. Montjoy is the Herald of the French King, Charles’s official mouthpiece; his word can be considered that of the King himself. King of England. Pistol Like Bardolph, Pistol also appears in the Henry IV plays and thus would be a character whom the audience would be familiar with. and frequently drunken old knight, but his heart is broken when An Catherine is eventually married The Earl of Cambridge, Lord Scroop, and Sir Thomas Grey The conspirators who accept money from France to assassinate Henry V. They are discovered and immediately executed for treason. and Bardolph. all of whom have heavy accents reflecting their countries of origin. Henry V (1989) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. are cowardly thieves. of Agincourt. France. Nym is a corporal in the army, and one of Falstaff’s former companions. The Earl of Westmorland is one of King Henry’s noblemen, who helps to incite him to war against France. maid of the French princess Catherine. the final scene (V.ii), in which her daughter, Catherine, is betrothed

), The Duke of Gloucester Henry's youngest brother. Henry is brilliant, focused,

also Henry’s uncle, is entrusted with carrying important messages Pistol, humiliated, plans to return to England in the guise…, The Duke of Burgundy has brought about a meeting between French and English to sign a peace treaty. He wonders if the king doesn't have a heavy moral obligation for the souls of those who die in battle. from London who serves in the war with Henry, and a friend of Pistol After the defeat of the French, he bitterly feels the shame of it, and he does not appear again in the play. Henry delivers an oration to inspire his troops to take Harfleur. Bedford, and Gloucester are noblemen and fighters. Captain Fluellen is a Welsh officer in the English army who is obsessed with military history and deeply proud of his nationality. He is the same as the Westmorland of Henry IV, Part Two. Do you think this is the effective strategy of a leader or a dangerous risk? A wise, aged veteran of many wars who serves with

Charles VI The quiet and dignified King of France, who is able to sense the impending danger caused by the approaching English forces, but whereas he grasps the significance, he cannot communicate his fears to the French nobility. The Duke of Bedford A brother to Henry, he is used to suggest the close familial bonds between the two brothers. Henry delivers an oration to his troops urging them on to win glory in the battle. single character who introduces each of the play’s five acts. King Henry V is the same characters as the Harry of Henry IV, Part One and Part Two.

The French Messenger comes to tell the French leaders that the English have prepared for battle. Exeter arrives to present the King with…, The Chorus describes the embarkation of Henry’s fleet for France, Henry’s preparations to besiege the town of Harfleur, and the….

The Duke of Exeter He is the uncle of Henry V and a trusted advisor; he functions as both a statesman and as a warrior. Charles VI is the King of France, whose claim to the throne King Henry does not recognize. clergymen. King of England. Salisbury He is the only thief and friend of Falstaff who survives the war. He knows of Henry's wild, youthful escapades, but he is not perceptive enough to realize that Henry has changed. Henry is brilliant, focused, fearless, and committed to the responsibilities of kingship. queen of France, married to Charles VI. She speaks little English. with these men’s intelligence and courage.

keeper of the Boar’s Head Tavern in London. Henry V Characters List. the Duke of Burgundy, and the Governor of Harfleur are French noblemen of Pistol and Nim. the play’s plot and themes. The Constable of France The official commander-in-chief of the French forces, he stands out as one of the most capable of the French forces. an Irish captain, in charge of digging the tunnels at Harfleur. His wordiness provides comic relief, but he is also very likable

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