heisman trophy winners by school


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When looking at trends impacting future Heisman standings, insight on how some of the leading schools have fared in recent years may shed some light on what some colleges may emerge as a leader in the Heisman Chase overall standings. Then, it was Leon Johnny Lujack and Leon Hart in 1947 and 1949 respectively. Simpson (1968), Charles White (1979), Marcus Allen (1981), Carson Palmer ( 2002), Matt Leinart  (2004), Reggie Bush (2005), Oklahoma (6): Billy Vessels (1952), Steve Owens (1969),  Billy Sims (1978), Jason White (2003), Sam Bradford (2008), Baker Reagan Mayfield (2017), Army (3): Doc Blanchard (1945), Glenn Davis (1946), Pete Dawkins (1958), Florida (3): Steve Spurrier (1966), Danny Wuerffel (1996), Tim Tebow (2007), Michigan (3): Tom Harmon (1940), Desmond Howard (1991), Charles Woodson (1997), Nebraska (3): Johnny Rodgers (1972), Mike Rozier (1983), Eric Crouch (2001), Auburn (3): Pat Sullivan (1971), Bo Jackson (1985), Cameron Newton (2010), Florida State (3): Charlie Ward (1993), Chris Weinke (2000), Jameis Winston, Georgia (2): Frank Sinkwich (1942), Herschel Walker (1982), Miami (2): Vinny Testaverde (1986), Gino Torretta (1992), Navy (2): Joe Bellino (1960), Roger Staubach (1963), Texas (2): Earl Campbell (1977), Ricky Williams (1998), Texas A&M (2): John David Crow (1957), Johnny Manziel, Wisconsin (2): Alan Ameche (1954), Ron Dayne (1999), Yale (2): Larry Kelley (1936), Clint Frank (1937), South Carolina (1):  George Rogers (1980). Southern California — 6. Before those two, it’d been nearly a decade since a Sooner won the trophy (since Sam Bradford in 2008). The Last time this leading school produced a Heisman winner Notre Dame – Tim Brown 1987 Oklahoma – Kyler Murray 2018 In the end, some of the schools with the most Heiman talent may surprise you. Still, while Bush’s name may have been stripped from the official books, we can’t deny that he did hold the award at one time. The fact that Simpson is still on the list while Bush is not says something about the NCAA’s priorities. Some, like Jamis Winston, are still finding their place in the NFL. Tim Brown was the last player to win the award in 1987, and he went on to have a Hall of Fame NFL career to go with his Hall of Fame collegiate one. Jason White won in 2003, but we have to go back decades for the other three names.

While Notre Dame hasn’t had as much Heisman success recently, the school shows it can remain a storied football program. Some, like Jamis Winston, are still finding their place in the NFL. Notre Dame (7): Angelo Bertelli (1943), John Lujack (1947), Leon Hart (1949), John Lattner (1953), … Colleges With the Most Heisman Trophy Winners. Six different schools have produced three Heisman winners: Army, Auburn, Florida, Florida State, Michigan, and Nebraska. Oklahoma’s back to back Heisman producing seasons by Baker Mayfield (2017) and Kyle Murray (2018) have boosted the Sooners to the top of the list of school’s bringing home the stiff-armed trophy. In spite of Bush, USC’s Matt Leinart, Carson Palmer, Marcus Allen, Charles White, OJ Simpson, and Mike Garrett all won the award in a 40-year time span. Les Horvath and Vic Janowicz kicked off the ’40s and ’50s with wins. Griffin was next, followed by a win by Eddie George in 1995 and Troy Smith in 2006. Certain schools have a knack for finding Heisman-level talent over others. The first Irish player to win the award was Angelo Bertelli in 1943. LiveAbout uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. By using LiveAbout, you accept our, Cleveland Browns Quarterbacks Through the Years, Winners of the Heisman and What It Represents, How Super Bowl Winners Fared the Following Season, Payne Stewart Award: Winners and Trophy Criteria, All-Time Associated Press National College Football Champions, Notre Dame (7): Angelo Bertelli (1943),  John Lujack (1947),  Leon Hart (1949), John Lattner (1953), Paul Hornung (1956), John Huarte (1964), Tim Brown (1987), Ohio State (7): Les Horvath (1944), Vic Janowicz (1950), Howard Cassady (1955), Archie Griffin (1974), Archie Griffin (1975), Eddie George (1995), Troy Smith (2006), USC (7): Mike Garrett  (1965), O.J. The Heisman Trust decided to leave the award vacated with no new winner to be announced. The colleges listed below have at least two winners of college football’s top individual award.

Some schools at the top of the pack have not had a player win or a candidate emerge in recent years, while Oklahoma has gained momentum with back-to-back winners. *USC would be higher on the list had Reggie Bush not vacated his Heisman Trophy following the scandal involving the college football star getting improper benefits from boosters while at the school. If history taught us one thing, it’s that Ohio is due for another winner.

History-rich Oklahoma, which saw quarterback Baker Reagan Mayfield take home the trophy in 2017, is next with six trophies. From Cam Newton and Bo Jackson out of Auburn to Tim Tebow out of Florida, the names run the gamut of NFL icons and college stars who didn’t quite pan out. On top of Griffin, five other names show that Ohio State has produced winners throughout several eras. The Heisman Trophy is the most prestigious individual award in college sports. But as the list below suggests, it certainly helps if you play for a powerhouse program. Ohio State’s six Heisman winners come with a special caveat thanks to Archie Griffin. Some schools at the top of the pack have not had a player win or a candidate emerge in recent years, while Oklahoma has gained momentum with back-to-back winners. Billy Sims won in 1978, Steve Owens in 1969, and Billy Vessels in 1952. The list provides the name of the school, followed by the number of Heisman Trophy winners it has had, followed by the name of each winner, including the year he won the award in parenthesis. Despite being on top of the list, Notre Dame’s winners are mostly from a bygone era. Winners: 1965 Mike Garrett, 1968 O. J. Simpson, 1979 Charles White, 1981 … In theory, the Heisman Trophy is supposed to be given each year to the best college football player in America, no matter where they play. Notre Dame, Ohio State, Oklahoma and USC have been top Heisman Trophy producers with a long line of players that helped those schools claim national championships. The college football star remains the only player in the history of the award to be named Heisman winner two years in a row. The Last time this leading school produced a Heisman winner. Here are the schools which have the most Heisman Trophy winners, led by … (Though Reggie Bush of USC voluntarily forfeited his 2005 trophy after the NCAA said he improperly received gifts from agents while still in college.) Six different schools have produced three Heisman winners: Army, Auburn, Florida, Florida State, Michigan, and Nebraska. From Cam Newton and Bo Jackson out of Auburn to Tim Tebow out of Florida, the names run the gamut of NFL icons and college stars who didn’t quite pan out.

Read on to learn the list of all Heisman Trophy winners, starting with the schools that have the most winners. Howard Cassady won in 1955. Oklahoma slid from two behind in the all-time rankings to tied for the lead in the last two seasons.

Three of the game's most storied programs—Notre Dame, Ohio State, and USC—top the nation with a remarkable seven Heisman Trophy winners each. Their ability to attract reigning Heisman winner Kyler Murray and former winner Baker Mayfield shows the program’s superiority.

The Heisman Chase Began in 1935 and since then certain schools have emerged to gain more than their fair share of the Heisman hardware. Finally, Johnny Lattner and Paul Hornung won in 1953 and 1956. John Huarte won the 1964 Heisman trophy, and the names before him all won within a 13-year period of each other.

While there’s some luck involved with recruiting and development, it’s no mistake that the schools with many Heisman winners include several of the biggest programs in college football. Interestingly, the last two Heisman winners also came to Oklahoma via transfers from Texas Tech and Texas A&M, respectively. If Jalen Hurts keeps up his season, too, the Sooners may top the rankings again. Except for a stable of running backs that enabled USC to gain a stronghold on the award, the trophy has been dominated by schools from the Midwest. Before Brown, however, the list goes back another 23 years.

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