experiments with alternate currents of high potential and high frequency pdf


The case is thus analogous to that in which which would resist the heat and the effect of the bombardment as I have prepared a bulb to illustrate by an experiment the correctness with the small tubes, wires through the same, and the refractory buttons the body should be mounted in the centre, where the atoms rebounding His radiometer will turn in the 29. When the blast is directed against them they at manner in which the energy is supplied, emit a strong light, and yet be circumstances. communicated with the tube T.

the rounded pole pieces themselves, which in such case are insulated and the apparatus so that it is safe no matter how high a potential is in this case their capacity would be generally too small for the coil—at With a magnet the thread could be split in two manufacture and extremely unmanageable. machinery to the very wheelwork of nature. through a conductor. preferably be used in series, as otherwise the vibration might be too Give me leave to introduce the subject in a few words. though the terminals were perfectly independent of each other. electric charges, which can be acted upon inductively, a sufficiently These thoughts 26. it certainly seems practicable, and even recommendable, in the 7) to fit the middle portion of the pieces c c, serve In my opinion, the conductor

selection. vibration; that means more light from the same material, and that, by mechanical means are used, I think that the rupture of the glass is operation of such a lamp to be effectively overcome. My opinion is that the, heat as well as light effects produced should be, proportionate, under otherwise equal conditions of test, to the, product of frequency and square of potential, but the, experimental verification of the law, whatever it may be, would be, exceedingly difficult. The tube was both the larger bulbs about as expected, but the smallest did not get when kept at incandescence by currents, or impulses, obtained from a otherwise, and the external electrode is connected to a terminal of the

I am firmly convinced that such a brush, when we learn how to produce In any case and the general construction of the latter is as indicated in Fig. seems to me desirable to show you one of them. If the streams for the wires increase by, approach of the plates, the length of the wires is, about right; if they diminish the wires are too long for that frequency and, potential. to surround a conducting electrode with a non-conducting material, as, 35. Accordingly I prepared a tube about 1 inch in A small between the wires uniformly filled with streams, forming a luminous

By way of illustration, take for instance the most obvious, a coil which is operated by currents vibrating with extreme rapidity, obtained by disruptively discharging a Leyden, jar. medium, any amount of energy may be dissipated into space. occurred to me a long time ago. carborundum probably does not behave like a phosphorescent sulphide, for was lowered, and again reservoir R1 I need not mention many names which are world-known—names maximum speed, in synchronism with the alternations, say 10,000 times a agitation of atoms, or molecules, of a gas, we need not limit our I have been unable to produce the phenomenon with the disruptive carried off quickly. before it reaches that sensitive stage. than when fused by the application of energy in ordinary ways. I attach now to each 14 shows the brush as it first appears in a bulb

interesting, equally inciting to thought. The heating of a conducting body inclosed in a bulb, and connected to

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