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It's a mix of its own and industrywide efforts. 130 Accounts Targeted in Twitter Hack, FBI Takes Over Case, The Twitter Hack Could Have Been Much Worse—and Maybe Was, FBI moves in to investigate Twitter's massive Bitcoin hack. WARNING: @Gemini's twitter account, along with a number of other crypto twitter accounts, has been hacked.

With the FBI poking around Twitter, it's a good time to remind people—don't have sensitive conversations in Twitter DMs. twitter says roughly 130 user accounts targeted in Wednesday's hack — still no concrete word on DM's but you'd have to imagine if they had full acct access they had dm access. That's nonsense, some mitigations work and some are trash. ... Apple's working to remove and replace non-inclusive language across their developer ecosystem. Count this incident as a near miss or shot across the bow. Amazon said in its lawsuit that Hall helped to develop and therefore “knows the entire confidential Amazon cloud product roadmap for 2020-21.”, “Virtually every day, Hall worked with Amazon’s most senior cloud executives to create and execute those plans,” the suit reads. All while Putin hid the severity of coronavirus in Russia and silenced medical professionals who tried to get the word out. ... on the back of Udemy news that it is hunting for a $3B val Coursera valuation jumps from $1.6B to $2.5B. Per its 2019 diversity report, 3.3% of leadership is Black. She was angry that such a vital part of Apple's business model was so fragile and was going to make sure it didn't happen again. Buckle up for short term fluctuations in search while Twitter restores order. Anyone who tried to change their password in the wake of the hacks yesterday is locked out and Twitter has given no timeline to recover their accounts we spoke to two hackers and we were able to independently verify they were in control of hijacked accounts today. We're committing to be a more actively anti-racist company - you can hold us accountable for every step we take along the way. Tough day for us at Twitter. Amazon settles with Brian Hall, the former AWS VP it had sued for allegedly violating the non-compete clause after taking a VP job with Google Cloud — Amazon has reached a confidential legal settlement with Brian Hall, a former Amazon Web Services vice president of product marketing … Sarah Perez / … The RNA DNA vaccine deliveries not necessarily the best for inducing virus neutralizing antibodies or protection. Global Alliance for Responsible Media, an industry body of ad companies including Google and Facebook, agrees to evaluate mutual definition of hate speech. Got a tip? The Impossible Country: A Journey Through the Last Days of Yugoslavia by Brian Hall (1995-10-01) I know how long ago the seeds for these actions were planted and appreciate the leaders and teams who are wholeheartedly supporting them. Very sad. These were zero-day attacks of social engineering. The alternative route of standard contractual clauses under GDPR exists, but that's a high bar too. Inc. has filed a lawsuit against Brian Hall, a former vice president of product marketing at Amazon Web Services Inc., alleging that he has violated the terms of a noncompete agreement after taking up a new role at Google Cloud, one of the company’s main competitors. Amazon has asked the court to issue an injunction preventing Hall from taking up employment with Google for the 18-month duration of the noncompete clause in his contract with the company. Amazon last year sued Philip Moyer, a sales executive who left AWS last summer and took a job at Google Cloud as a vice president. All details available here: #PRISM #FISA702 #Privacy #PrivacyShield #SCCs #GDPR #CJEU. Exclusive: U.S. FBI is leading an inquiry into the Twitter hack, sources say- notable that Trump wasn't hacked. US lawmakers express worry about future attacks on Twitter's infrastructure; sources: Twitter stepped up its search for a chief infosec officer in recent weeks, The Great Twitter Hack has exposed the precarity of our online existence, FBI called to probe Twitter amid fears of future hacks, The hack on Twitter provides more ammunition for critics who question Twitter's engineering prowess, poor management practices, and anemic financial performance, How Donald Trump escaped the attack that brought Twitter to its knees. What a missed oppty. Per NYT, Twitter still doesn't actually know if the hackers got an employee's credentials by socially engineering them (as Twitter initially said) or bribing them (as @josephfcox later reported). I doubt Elliott would be a responsible steward of this platform.

In September of 2018, shortly before he testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee, I met privately with Twitter's CEO Jack Dorsey. This hack bodes ill for November balloting. Shouldn't we just assume that US / Chinese spooks are vacuuming up every byte of coronavirus vaccine research from around the world? This is interesting disclosure from Twitter, because it implies that although the attackers had access to “internal systems and tools” they weren't able to get into every account they targeted. #Netflix ... Netflix added a strong 10 million subscribers in the second quarter of 2020, beating its own expectations.

Senate Intel has also asked Twitter for a briefing. Amazon and Google were not immediately available for comment.

Today, EU top court CJEU agreed with Schrems, and nuked Privacy Shield, which means that firms that operate in the EU will no longer be allowed to process Europeans' data outside of Europe. Hall denied the allegation that he was in violation of the agreement in a subsequent legal filing made on Monday, and said he was led by AWS to believe the company would not enforce the agreement. ... Apple Style Guide July 2020: We'll be renaming our master branch tomorrow morning. 15 HOURS AGO, EMERGING TECH - BY MARIA DEUTSCHER . She has denied almost all of their motions to dismiss the alleged charges. Sources: AirPods and Apple Watch assembler Luxshare buys an iPhone assembly plant from Wistron in Kushan, China for ~$472M, Foxconn rival Luxshare buys iPhone production plant from Wistron, Apple brings on new iPhone manufacturer as supply chain shakeup continues, AirPods Assembler Luxshare Acquiring iPhone Assembly Plant in China, Foxconn Rival Luxshare Buys iPhone Plant from Wistron for $472 Million, US District Judge says WhatsApp's malware case against NSO Group can move forward, rejecting NSO's claim that it qualified for foreign official immunity, US judge: WhatsApp lawsuit against Israeli spyware firm NSO can proceed, Federal court rules WhatsApp and Facebook's malware exploit case against NSO Group can proceed. Well surprise, surprise. We all feel terrible this happened. Hall, who previously served as a manager and executive at Microsoft Corp. from 1995 to 2017, joined Amazon in June 2018. Establish US DPA, and 4. To view an earlier snapshot click here What are we going to do? The Best Snapchat Games To Play Right Now, Disable UPnP On Your Wireless Router Already, This Android Wallpaper Can Brick Your Phone, Business Insider’s homepage for more stories, limited Moyer’s role at Google for the duration of the noncompete agreement, dropped the suit a week later after the companies agreed on undisclosed “temporary restrictions.”, Amazon’s noncompete complaint against former VP Brian Hall, Brian Hall’s response to Amazon’s noncompete lawsuit, Give us your thoughts on these small business practices to win a $250 Westfield gift card, What it's like to sleep on a $200,000 bed made of horse hair.
But the real test of commitment comes with sustained action, such as that which we're announcing today. Public records show the US Internal Revenue Service signed a deal, on July 15, with Coinbase to use its blockchain tracing software for one year, for $124,950, Coinbase Is Now Working With The Secret Service And The IRS To De-Anonymize The Crypto Space, IRS Enlists Coinbase in Latest Crypto Tracing Deal, After US Secret Service, Coinbase Strikes a Deal with IRS to Sell its Data. The journalism, reporting and commentary on. They have been spreading endless disinfo and countless cyber attacks. Ratify COE 108 @SSRN Mmm. Twitter was long put on notice by the FTC about its repeated security lapses & failure to safeguard accounts. Brian Armstrong: “...It also helps us build relationships with law enforcement which is important to growing crypto.” Bitcoiners: “Seriously, GO FUCK YOURSELF” U.S. Internal Revenue Service inks deal with Coinbase for blockchain analytics [surveillance] software - signing date was July 15 - contract effective on July 23 - one year contract with option to renew for a second year - $124,950 per year ... Hulu is launching Ad Manager, a self-service tool targeted at SMBs with an ad budget of $500 or more, to make it easy to buy ads on its service. This seems like a you-only-had-one-job kind of situation for intel agencies Russia hacks universities, private companies and other organizations working on vaccine research and testing New: U.S., British and Canadian security officials blame Russia (APT 29/Cozy Bear) for attempting to hack vaccine research. Twitter's massive security breach ought to get investor Elliott Management active again via @bopinion. Analyst Patrick Moorhead of Moor Insights & Strategy told SiliconANGLE that Hall is a very capable marketing executive and that he wasn’t surprised when Google moved to hire him.

The most current version of the site as always is available at our home page. by The bad news, however, was that its forecasts for subscriber growth in the next quarter was much softer than expected. Meet the conservatives who are working to vote him out. Apple has said multiple times on the record that there's no exceptions made for China Did... did... Barr just hint that Apple has already added an encryption backdoor available only for China? So there you have it, likely PlugWalkJoe behind the great Twitter hack of 2020. It's completely terrifying that, from the sound of these tweets, employees can use internal systems and tools to access and control the accounts of some of the highest profile, most powerful people in the world. Incredible that much of American media missed this speech entirely. Started cutting up the body to put in a duffle bag he brought; Saleh's sister was coming so he fled the scene. This security lapse serves as a reminder of Twitter's technical and business deficiencies. We have locked accounts that were compromised and will restore access to the original account owner only when we are certain we can do so securely. Guy clearly loves the spotlight and reselling things. Here's what it was like.

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