boarding house rules and regulations


The reporters conducted an initial interview with at least 10 boarders and owners to assess the common problems among boarding houses. Children can call their parents at specified times. Roller skates, roller blades, skateboards and push scooters are not permitted on the premises. 9 of Municipal Ordinance No.96-04. The information on this site is intended for general information purposes. Laptops will only be allowed under strict supervision for educational projects with restricted & supervised internet access. soap, roll-on, and supplies to keep at school. A leave-out weekend is granted during term usually from 13:45 on Friday until 21:00 on Sunday or 06:30 on Monday morning by arrangement. Dormitories should be vacated as soon as possible after breakfast and after dinner. All staff are responsible for all discipline in the Boarding House. Any Letter/Parcel that is being delivered to any student will be checked by hostel staff first and only after that will it be handed over to the student. They will have an exit permit. All property should be carefully looked after and respected. This should not be more than INR800 to INR1000 a month. BOARDING HOUSE RULES AND REGULATIONS CURFEW- 10:00 P.M PAYMENT: pay your boarding bills on time. boarders will watch 1st Rugby team games). This is evident in everything that we do, we aim to provide a comfortable, safe & disciplined living space for our wards. They must obtain an exeat from the master in charge of their grade before they visit. Activities are on Saturday. 2. Each student is personally responsible for sending and collecting his clearly marked and accurately counted laundry. Commercial establishments should adhere to the rules and regulation in order to provide quality services to the students and to other tenants. 1. The most common punishments are as follows: The child is required to do supervised academic work or community service for 30 minutes or more during the time when they would otherwise be free e.g. 12 out of 20 boarding houses do not issue receipt for the boarder’s payment of monthly rental. A boarder may not leave the school grounds unless permission is obtained from the Duty Master. No exeats will be given to any student unless a letter, email or fax is obtained from the parents and only then will it be at the discretion of the Housemaster. For the purpose of this ordinance, a boarding house includes any dormitory. Parents of students who will be given lifts on leave-out weekends must give permission by letter or fax. You need rules in order to: • Clearly convey your expectations. If parents travel to PE to support their son’s sports match on a Saturday, they may, at the discretion of the Housemaster, be allowed to take their son out for the remaining weekend and return him to the Hostel by 17:45 on Sunday or 06:30 on Monday. A barber will be provided weekly for the boys. Permission is given on special occasions. Once permission is obtained, the student must notify the Matron on kitchen duty. Students will participate in school games to the satisfaction of their Housemasters. No boarder may miss any meal over a weekend without permission from the Housemaster. In accordance to these, the researchers conducted a census in order to find out whether these claims have enough grounds. No student may have more than R100.00 on his person at any time. The School will not take responsibility for any students who decide to go out of bounds without permission. The school swimming bath is out of bounds except during periods specified by the Duty Master or the Senior Housemaster. Also there were persistent rumors that most boarding houses do not issue receipt upon the boarder’s payment of monthly rental. Times: Saturday 08:30 – 17:55 Sunday 09:00 – 17:55. Bullying will not be tolerated. At the weekend, you can call anytime. On Wednesdays and Saturdays, students will vacate their dormitories by 14:00. Times: 09:00 – 17:45. The children will have weekend school wear for going out. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. The goal of our boarding facility is to ensure the independent and responsible development of our pupils. Parents must return a list of persons whom their sons may visit. Laws, statutes, etc. A rooming house, or boarding house, is where one or more rooms are for rent and residents share facilities like kitchens and bathrooms. 10 out of 20 boarding houses do not have fire exit. School rules are intended to ensure the safety and welfare of pupils and the smooth functioning of the school community. Boarders will indicate their destination and a contact phone number to the master in charge of their grade. A questionnaire is given to the respondents for data gathering. Boarders may visit Collegiate High School on Friday and Saturday afternoons only. On Saturday, boarders may use the TV Room and Games Room after lunch provided that any other commitments have been fulfilled (e.g. Open neck shirts are allowed for supper and prep provided a student has had a shower. In addition, a municipal ordinance was requested from the municipal office to serve as the guidelines in making the questionnaire. These must be reported at once to the Housemaster and to the Matron in charge of breakages and entered in the repair book. Students should change after school (even if not playing sport), into sporting kit. Some of the concerns that were pointed out by the respondents were on the issue about sanitation, maintenance, privacy, security and lack of water supply. There is no refund of school fees. This is evident in everything that we do, we aim to provide a comfortable, safe & disciplined living space for our wards. Most Boarding House operators do not abide on the Ordinance which regulates the operation of boarding houses in the Municipality of Miagao. Boys and Girls will have some separated activities e.g. The child may be asked to leave the school for a short period. Outgoing calls may not be made during prep or after silence. The swimming pool area is out-of-bounds for ALL students and students may only swim if a master is present. Lights-out is on the second bell. On returning from hospital or the doctor, the student must report immediately to the Sick Bay Matron (with the master involved i.e. They should also give privacy and secure the things of their tenants such by providing security device on the doors, lockers, and drawers. All clothing must be marked. No Boarding House student may be in possession of a motor car or motor bike whilst in Meriway House. Fees are paid in advance at the beginning of the term. Parents are asked to be supportive of staff in this regard. The School or Boarding House will not be held responsible for any mishaps that might occur at the swimming pool as a result of the breaking of this rule. Casual clothes are not worn. swimming and some done together. No boarder will drive a car, motor cycle or pedal cycle and may not be carried as a pillion passenger. Times: Friday after lunch to Sunday 21:00 or Monday 06:30. Students who wish to run an unofficial cross-country must obtain the permission of the Duty Master and may not run alone. These are out of bounds on fine afternoons unless used for quiet reading or study. There is usually one compulsory weekend leave-out per term. LIQUOURS - are not allowed upstairs. Students may be placed on detention by any staff member or prefect if they break any of the Boarding Requests to leave early must be directed to the Rector. Public health laws of Illinois relating to lodging houses, boarding houses, taverns, inns and hotels and Rules and regulations of the Illinois State board of health for their supervision and inspection by Illinois. No Boarding House student may be transported by another school student in a motor car or on a motor bike. Boarding house owners should issue receipt to serve as proof of payments and to make sure that they are exactly paying their taxes. Home BOARDING HOUSE Rules and Regulations Laureate Shimla is a school that is built on excellence. Please do not reproduce or distribute without permission. 6 out of 20 boarding houses do not provide a printed copy of house rules and regulation in each room and reception room. All girls will have hairdressers come in weekly to braid their hair. The viewing of pornography in any form, whether on DVD or on a cell phone is strictly prohibited and will be regarded as a serious offence. There will be no cribbing. Students may do Early Prep only with the permission of the Master on duty. Students are allowed to walk to the local supermarket only if they have permission from the master on duty. (The house must be installed with a fire alarm system and have an adequate fire exit aside from the main door.). It is essential that there are clear standards governing the care provided in these settings, and that these standards are monitored and enforced effectively. Students wear school uniform when travelling. Viewing or being in possession of pornography is against the law. During prep hours students may not receive calls before 21:20. Each child is allowed a supervised list of groceries e.g. Radios may not be used during prep. Permission will be sought from the Senior Housemaster in writing. Good etiquettes, a sense of responsibility and tidiness are expected of children at all times. Such leave may not interfere with School commitments. The use of cell phones after lights-out is strictly prohibited. Prefects are responsible for general discipline led by the Head Prefect, they are answerable to the Housemasters and the Senior Housemaster. Create a free website or blog at You will have the phone number of your child’s House Master/Mistress. Various sanctions are meted out to children who break the school rules. Tuck lockers are provided. Hitch-hiking is forbidden. Violent, bullying, threatening or dishonest behavior is not permitted, nor is the possession of fireworks, dangerous weapons, cigarettes, alcohol, illegal drugs or pornographic material. A high standard of neatness, manner and courtesy is expected at all times. Tuck will not be kept in the dormitories and box rooms. No student may shower after prep unless he has the permission of the Housemaster. Prep: 18:45 – 21:20 In the morning, students may not get out of bed before rising bell without the permission of a master. School bedding is not to be taken from the premises. “Boarding House” as defined in Miagao’s Municipal Ordinance No. (It shall be the duty and responsibilities of the owner or operator of boarding houses to maintain cleanliness of the boarding house and sanitation of the premises… It shall also be the duty of the owner or operator to provide and institute safety and health measures, such as fire escape, locked doors, first aid kit or cabinet and others.). Any form of bullying is strictly forbidden. The issuance of receipt and securing the tenant’s information on or before admission are given the least attention by the owners of these commercial establishments. Serious offences will be handled by the Senior Housemaster. This violates the Sec. A weekend will commence at 14:00 on a Friday, provided the student has no sporting commitments or Detention. Saturday viewing – boarders may watch TV with the permission of the Duty Master who will decree at what time students will go to bed. The children will pay for this service which can be adjusted from their Imprest money. Parents will put in writing, if they want to pick up their children. Mobile phones, electronic games, mp3 players, tablets etc are strictly prohibited in school. If, however, the 1st XV Rugby is playing at home on the Saturday, students may only leave after the 1st XV game. These students must receive exeats from the Senior Housemaster to leave the premises on a week-end. Calling your child is allowed during the week between 7pm-8pm. Students may be allowed out in the evenings provided permission and an exeat is obtained from the relevant Housemaster.

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