a rabbi talks with jesus summary


If Jesus’ exposition was correct, then, at least, it should have been included in the subsequent tradition. Isaiah again came and reduced them to two…. Neusner’s project is original and the goal is in principle promising. an excellent dialogue, gives one much to think about the dichotomy between God's kingdom to come in the Gospels, and the kingdom of God in the here and now, which from the Authors point of view is the kingdom of the Torah.

For a follower of Jesus, we must honestly wrestle with the reality that the OT text is under-determined. A Rabbi Talks With Jesus is Neusner’s gracious, thoughtful, and somewhat autobiographical explanation of why he holds to Judaism rather than Christianity.

It is nice that this is made so very clear in a book of this size. ( Log Out /  Christians might find this inviting, but Neusner reveals the radical nature of Jesus, not only as a teacher but as a rabbi who claims to be THE AUTHORITY upon which everything rests and, I suspect, will leave most Christians feeling like the rich young ruler. For one thing, the contemporary Jew was always gifted with precognition (one day, rabbis would answer this question with this story...) and Jesus always seemed to respond to his questions by smiling mysteriously and then walking away. Neusner's exposition of Judaism of the Talmuds into modern Judaism does show the fundamental differences in reading the Torah, but I must admit that perhaps it would be easier if Rabbi Neusner had stuck to the grounds of Judaism that were shared at the time of Jesus, which would exclude the Rabbinic sages of the Mishneh. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. “after the Torah” (38); yet (d) the Mishnah and the Talmuds “are regarded as part of the Torah” (102). I don't agree with Neusner in much of this book when he speaks to Jesus but he does say much about Jesus that I had not thought about or had never concluded. This was a wonderful read and very important for Jewish-Christian dialogue. Examining the Jewish traditions in view of the Law as actually given by Moses would have made Jesus’ critique seem more plausible. A thoughtful if sometimes difficult to read explanation for why the author, a highly respected Orthodox rabbi, would have rejected Jesus' message. Criticizing Jesus for demanding “perfection” (92 ff.)

Neusner’s express purpose is to help Christians be better Christians and Jews better Jews by pointing out the crucial differences between the two religions, differences that can be blurred by well-meaning apologists on either side. The author, a rabbi, addresses Jesus using the most Jewish of gospels, the book of Matthew. To any reasonable observer of that sermon, what Jesus does isn�t logical or pious but instead it�s uniquely audacious. It has been claimed many times as an essential Jewish refutation of the messiahship of Jesus, when In fact it was a single presupposition manifested over and over again. As Rabbi Paul observed, “the law is not made for a righteous man, but for the lawless and disobedient, for the ungodly and for sinners, for unholy and profane…” (I Tim 1:9a). Jesus speaks to “me”, whereas Torah speaks to “us,” the eternal Israel.

Although at times I question whether Neusner really understands Jesus, I agree heartily with at least the last of his dichotomies.

To see what your friends thought of this book, An excellent breakdown of the differences between Post-exilic Judaism and Christianity in the terms of Matthew's Jesus and the exposition of the Torah. They are irrelevant to his purpose, which is to explain to Christian believers why he, after having listened intently to Jesus, remains a Jewish believer. 5) and the “main thing”: holiness.

We’d love your help. There is no pastor at the end reminding the readers how much Jesus loves them.

There is ambiguity and worse on account of his defining Torah variously as (a) the writings of Moses (19,21,22), (b) the entire OT (24), (c) to include the Mishnah, which is both “authoritative and canonical yet (?)

No, not skip class, but read this instead of doing my assigned reading?

Both Orthodox Jew and Christian will be able to appreciate this.

“Eternal Israel,” mentioned an uncountable number of times but never defined, neglects the notion of a remnant within the elect nation that can already be seen in the Torah.

Welcome back. I truly enjoyed this book even though I disagree with Neusner's conclusions (as he would have wanted me to). See the Pope's response in his 2007 book Jesus of Nazareth.

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